July 17, 2012

13 Quick Ways to Tell if You're a Witch

Working in a tourist town and explaining witchcraft to average people can be very challenging and one of the questions I get most often is "How can I tell if I'm a witch?" Well, that question could mean a lot of different things, but I find when a tourist asks it they just want a quick rundown of some of the ideals, philosophies, and traits of the average witch so they can see if it's something they would be into... So I'm bored today and made this list which is by no means comprehensive and certainly doesn't apply to everyone. This is just a general and generic list of traits the average witch stereotypically follows.

If you find that more than a few of these traits apply to you, then I suggest the study of witchcraft would probably be an intellectual and spiritual benefit to you:

1. Have you ever confessed to loving an animal more than a person? Do you generally love animals?

2. Do respect the environment/nature or worry about mankind's impact on it? Do you enjoy camping, hiking, hunting, etc?

3. Do you love science?

4. Do you believe that all religions have something to teach us?

5. Do you believe that men and women are equal?

6. Do you respect the elderly and those older than you?

7. Do you feel a connection to the dead?

8. Have you ever had paranormal or psychic experiences?

9. Do you have an interest in ancient history?

10. Have you ever considered yourself an "outsider" or someone who observes others? But, on the other hand, when you are in a comfortable setting with like-minded people can be outgoing?

11. Have you ever considered yourself a philosopher?

12. Are you a fan of haunted houses or roller coasters, not afraid of the dark, or generally brave when it comes to the unknown?

13. Do you enjoy learning new things even when it means you are wrong?

Witchcraft has nothing to do with what religion you are, how you dress, the music you listen to, or the people you hang out with. It has everything to do with what kind of human being you are and how you interact with your environment. If more than a few of these traits apply to you, you might be a witch.

Tom the Tour Guide

[WOW, I had no idea this would go viral so quickly! It's great to see this reposted so much all over Facebook and that so many non-witches find it interesting! Just one thing I wanted to clear up because a few arguments were starting:

Witchcraft is not a religion. It is a spiritual practice influenced by many religions. Some people prefer to call it a "way of life" or a "spiritual path", Laurie Cabot famously calls her style "Witchcraft as a Science". So, WICCA is one new religion based on witchcraft that comes from the middle of the 1900s. Every Wiccan is a witch, but not every witch is a Wiccan. Wicca is one denomination of witchcraft and the vast majority of witches prefer to draw on their own personal mix of religions that influence their own personal version of witchcraft. Thanks!]

So anyways, Salem is BUSY. Stuff is really blowing up this year. Everything is so exciting people keep saying "And it's not even October!" By then, the city will be whipped up into a frenzy. :)

In other news...

"Looking back, the lion was a bad idea. That's why Dr. Shockla is gonna hook us up with a monkey. I'm gonna teach it taekwondo."

Adam Sandler and his ragtag band of misfits (I don't know how else to refer to them) keep getting spotted all over the city this summer. The above picture is Peter Dante with some Salem locals and their baby! He's one of those people that is in just about every single movie Sandler does, but most famous as the pot dealer in Grandma's Boy. Rumor is that they actually filmed a bit of indoor scenes in Salem by renting out some cheap office space and putting up temporary sets, but no one can find out for sure. They've been filming primarily in Marblehead and Swampscott, the next towns over. Regardless of if they have been filming in Salem, they are definitely hanging out. Adam Sandler was even spotted outside Witch Dr.!

"Lifting the spirits of all who enter..."

Witch Dr. is the name of the new artist gallery and glassblowing studio in Salem "Where the Witches Burn". Boy, I love a good pun. They're doing pretty well and I'm glad. Good artsy hippie nonsense is a great thing for Salem.

The owner of Life Alive. 

Speaking of hippies, the much anticipated vegetarian restaurant, Life Alive, has been in town long enough for everyone to have an opinion and people are saying great things. I personally have eaten there four times and keep getting the same dish every time because it's so damn good. If this one selection is that good I can imagine the rest is just as good.

The girls from Paranormal Salem were on A&E Bio's My Ghost Story the other day. You can watch it online here. In the past few weeks the History Channel, something only referred to as "the English version of the Travel Channel", National Geographic, and a few other film crews have been spotted downtown. I Party was even just filming a scene for a commercial in Count Orlok's Nightmare Gallery (They just confirmed KANE HODDER as a celebrity guest appearance again this October, too!).

And last but not least, the Hocus Pocus movie sequel was shot down as just a rumor by Disney! I say good riddance, if they did make a sequel it would be some lame straight-to-DVD nonsense.