January 12, 2010

More About Racism??

All the politicizing of racism in the news lately is bothering me very much. People will never unite if we live in a world of polarity and duality. Democrats vs. Republicans, right vs. wrong - our mindset is that of separating and analyzing things in segments rather than as a whole. It's an archaic remnant of paranoid thoughts ingrained subconsciously. And oftentimes consciously enforced by those around us.

I was hanging out with a friend with his dad who says somewhat racist things every once in a while, and personally, I think the instructive quality of his statements was the most messed up part. When there are no minorities around a racist white man isn't just telling jokes and acting superior - he is actively advising and warning of some sort of impending war that is always inevitable to them.

It's absolute insane nonsense and it takes all the patience I have to keep my mouth shut out of respect to mutual acquaintances. I find it satisfying and effective to explain intelligently to those people how stupid they are, but sometimes you are not in a situation where that is possible.

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  1. Racism is a really difficult subject. I have a relative who after years of hiding his affiliation went public a couple years ago that he's a dues-paying, vocally-supporting, robe-wearing Klansman. The particular group he affiliates with wraps everything up into "Christian identity," so it's not just "America is my home," but also "America is my God-given home, appointed place of rest, for the white people (that's me), to live according to the laws of a biblical theocracy, and dictate my Christian views to the rest of the world so they'll know who's the boss around here." It's so difficult to talk to him about any of these ridiculous issues because when I (easily) discredit his beliefs, in his eyes I'm discrediting everything on which his identity rests. I wish I knew how to talk him out of it, but like you said - sometimes you are not in a situation where that is possible.


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