September 28, 2010

October Insanity -or- Celebrity Salem

My gods October is going to be insane.

So far, we have had the infamous Shaq debacle, which began with the newest Celtic casually visiting Salem with some family members and ended up with hundreds of people waiting for him to show up at the Salem Willows based on a rumor posted on the Salem Facebook page. Talk about a witch hunt! That's some good old-fashioned historical relevance for you there folks!

So many celebrities and TV shows are rumored to be coming to Salem this year.

So far, the guys from Travel Channel's Ghost Adventures are confirmed which I am not so excited about because of their image. Scientific methodology and skepticism aside, ads for the show look more like a Nickelback poster than a show about true paranormal investigators. Just look at a Google image search of the lead dude on the show Zak Bagans. Clearly these advertisers know their demographic is comprised mostly of impressionable (and horny) women. LOL Come to think of it, the older and nastier dudes over at the SyFy channel show Ghost Hunters asked at the same place and were turned down. Wonder if the person who makes these decisions for the Witch House is a single woman ;)

The Nightmare Gallery, a movie-monster museum whose owner is a fan of Salem Witch Wiles (hey, dude!), has some horror convention style celebrity autograph sessions set up which is going to be awesome. This weekend it's Tony Moran, the guy who was the face of Michael Myers right at the end of Halloween when Jamie Lee Curtis removes his mask! Wicked cool. But also they're going to have William Forsythe later on in the month who has been in a million movies but, to me, is most memorable for the wicked messed up parts he gets in Rob Zombie films! Haha, check out the quotes from his character in the newer Halloween on imdb - it takes a REALLY talented actor to say such massed up lines with such conviction!

So many more things going on that I don't want to speculate about though, too! Suffices to say that this October is going to be busy. XD

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