March 3, 2011

Salem "Warlock" Uses Charlie Sheen Meme for Free Publicity

Haha, I am so sorry Christian, but I have to write about you again. lol

Anyone who is watching this Charlie Sheen fiasco can see it's getting out of hand. It was an insta-meme that exploded the interwebz with the expected wins and fails, bad mspaint macros, and application of quotes into non-sequitur pics via the lolBuilder. Personally I am not a big fan of this meme. I like the nerdy ones a bit more.

But now, this meme has hit close to home.

Sheen's use of the word "warlock" resulted in some great jokes, but also an opportunity. As mentioned in a previous blog entry, local witch Christian Day has a habit of using controversy for publicity. How do you cause controversy? Through provocation or causing an argument - otherwise known as trolling. In fact, Christian has already been using the controversy surrounding the use of the word warlock to describe a male practitioner of the witchcraftness as a way to drum up publicity. This whole Charlie Sheen thing was just pure luck and opportunity for him, and he jumped at the chance.

So I wake up this morning and check my various news feeds to find our local Troll Warlock has achieved a certain level of media saturation. The Daily Telegraph, The Boston Herald, ONTD, Random morning radio shows so many blogs, so so many plugs for his new book. That's right. New Book. Who would have guessed?

So how did this happen? Well, by listening to his blogcast show it's pretty clear. He and a local shop owner made the decision to contact TMZ. You know, TMZ the entertainment show/website that exists only because of paparazzi embarrassing, stalking, and harassing people, gossip, and cheap media tricks - surely they will buy into the meme as well.

What has resulted is nothing short of absolute proliferation. At the time I write this article there are approximately 100 websites that come up when doing a Google news search for ' "christian day" warlock "charlie sheen" ' and it will continue to climb.

My opinion? I play a lot of online games and frequent many online communities where trolling can be considered a fun and entertaining addition to any forum or chat room - as long as it is witty and thought provoking. I have yet to make a decision whether I view Mr. Day's trolling as entertaining or think it just makes him look like a sell-out. The first thing to do is wait and see if all this publicity backfires on him.

Shout out to Christian: I'm worried about you, dude. You're playing with fire. Or trash rather. TMZ is a trashy trash fire. And it smells. Don't let that stink rub off on you because some Salem witches already smell bad enough!

[Edit: And how does the warlock himself feel about all this sudden media attention? A reliable anonymous source promises me that this is an ACTUAL status update from Christian's Facebook, it might not be true, but it totally sounds like him: "I hope that all this publicity has enabled me to potentially fulfill one of my important New Year's resolutions ... to find a midget personal assistant like Margaret Cho has. Well, ok, I think they're called little people now, but I've asked on three radio shows for one to come to me. I'm sure this will really put 'em over the edge, but I must find one! :-D"


  1. Sad that people will still defend this self-preening egotist for jumping on yet another tragic bandwagon. I personally think he's running for the First Witch of Salem title. Too bad for him that it's already taken by a person who is actually a good person and a good Wiccan. Christian, why not try some type of televangecal gig? You'd sure make more money that way!

  2. Jealous of selling out? I am a straight up punk-rock hippie-witch, mother fucker. XD

    I'd honestly rather die a no-name. But yeah, I am cool with Christian doing his thing, totally find it all hilarious. I just have this nagging conscience always making me be all moral and shit.

  3. They say there's no such thing as bad publicity, but I wonder how true that adage really is.

  4. I am hoping that Christian spreads more understanding about witchcraft with this cleansing ritual and or binding spell. I am behind him 100%. He is standing up for what he beleives in despite public ridicule.

    I myself, being a male pracitioner have never been quite comfortable with calling myself a witch. It seems that many males of the craft have become accustomed to being called this feminine title. I always prefered Necromancer, or Sorcerer, I even fancied myself a warlock when I first started learning the craft. A lot of people just made a joke of it and did not take me seriously. Then I had to just tell people I was a "wiccan" when asked. Despite the fact that i do not completely agree with most wiccans. I give Christian Day my blessings for revoltionizing the craft.

  5. I have a serious problem with this.....Christian Day, CHARACTER...I am begining to see that his ego enters a blog or post before his brain gets there. Now to find out that he is trying to promote a book??? What exactly is this book going to be about? He doesn't really know what he's talking about and when questioned or shown fact he doesn't respond, to me anyways...tsk tsk. He speaks through both sides of his mouth and neither side is reputable.....And I would like to respond to Jaime and the post above me.....Witchcraft and Wicca are two different Religions all though they share alot of the same views. And I'm not 100% sure...but I will check into it, I believe that "Necromancer" means to dance with the dead... I am Wiccan, and practise Candle Magick, but I am not a Witch because I don't have all the education needed to aquire that title...which is earned and is not the ability to just wake up one morning and decide that poof...I'm a Witch. Although my husband might I do find it offensive that people are so ignorant to the truth and act as though they are scholars of the truth..


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