August 15, 2011

Cat Fight with a Dash of Pepper

Instead of sharing witchy fashion tips and talking about their dogs it would seem that, for two particular Salem witches with shops on Essex st., having a lot in common just isn't enough. I am going to go ahead and try to trivialize the situation by referring to what occurred as a "cat fight" even though I wasn't there - and also because I really don't want to imagine these two people fighting, it just hurts my brain and makes me terribly terribly depressed.

Once again, another situation that I am too close to and probably shouldn't comment on. A particular fact is bothering me though - two people fighting is one thing, but when a young man steps in and maces a woman in the face you are approaching white trash territory. I mean, we all have arms and are capable of breaking up a fight without weapons. During the Essex st fair their are vendors, children, families, and dogs everywhere - there is no need to be flinging pepper spray around on a crowded st during tax-free weekend. It's irresponsible.

The police are sick of crap like this. They find it goofy and really try to pay as little attention as possible. I mean, in this case violence was alleged, weapons were used, and charges were pressed - yet there were no arrests? The police just don't want to deal with what they consider petty drama. They try to do their jobs but I can imagine them taking reports and just sighing and rolling their eyes the entire time.

Anyways, most people in town are hoping to avoid bad press and hoping this story doesn't get blown into something it wasn't. I am one of those people. I'm only posting this entry for posterity and not going to spam for hits. I am going to chalk the situation up to stressed-out business owners venting anger on each other instead of the people who really deserve it - TOURISTS.

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