September 7, 2011

Rob Zombie's Latest Visit to Salem for Location Scouting (With new Pics!)

 [11/21/11: Most recent article here.]

No update on Rob Zombie's visit to Salem yesterday on his blog yet, but he did stop to take lots of pictures and sign lots of autographs for fans, his Twitter says it was just more scouting and nothing too serious yet. If you don't know what I'm talking about you can read about it in these two previous entries.

Just now, though, he released some pictures so I'm sure his blog will be updated soon. Here's your first exclusive look at these pictures which I recognize as being taken in Salem's beautiful Greenlawn Cemetery , which is a mile or less north of downtown.

Since February, every blogger and news publication writing about this movie keeps recycling the same few bits of information over and over. Firstly, the synopsis, secondly the pictures (both from Wayne Toth's SFX studio and the location scouting), and the quote from Rob "Lords of Salem’ is probably the bleakest of all my films." There's a simple explanation for this: that's all the information we have so far.

On top of this is the constant changing of announced shooting times. Is this just a ploy to confuse fans? First we heard spring, then after his tour ended, now he is saying October. Will he really be shooting in Salem during October, with thousands of crazy tourists running around?

For now all we have to hold us over are these pictures and the ones from yesterday of him with some locals and baristas at the Gulu Gulu cafe where he ordered a vegan sandwich, and in Count Orloks Nightmare Gallery with the owner, James, who is such a huge horror film fan he has an awesome tourist attraction about the history of horror film [That's him in the main picture above, look how HAPPY he is!]. A lot of other people saw him on Essex st. He is said to have signed some autographs for some of the guys at a haunted house in the mall, The Nightmare Factory ... In fact, I just realized something - he visited all the places with the highest Tripadvisor ratings! I guess that makes sense, but that's still pretty funny. All the more reason to harass my tourists and make them all write good reviews for my tour! lol Also, the leader of The Salem Zombie Walk was able to give Rob a card and officially invite him to this year's FOURTH annual event. He will be in town, so maybe he'll show up!

If you are still thirsty for more info on this film go straight to the source, Rob Zombie's own film blog's entries have all the teaser pictures. Luckily he started numbering his posts about this project so it's easier to sort through them.

First Location Scout

First Image

Second Location Scout

First Special Effects Update

Second Special Effects Update

Third Special Effects Update

Next update - any moment now I'm sure. Will let you know.

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