April 3, 2012

Rob Zombie Comes Out of Nerd Closet - Does Tom Baker Impression

I've been following Rob Zombie news religiously for more than a year now, scouring for Lords of Salem news. As a huge nerd and an insane Doctor Who fan I freaked out when I saw this video of Rob Zombie doing a Tom Baker impression. Apparently he is going to be making videos for Chris Hardwick's "The Nerdist", and having been a fan of Chris' for a while now I couldn't be happier for everyone involved. Chris has also gotten Weird Al to make videos for The Nerdist and the first one debuted today!

The internet freaked out and geeked out over this clip to which Rob replied via Twitter "Why is everybody so surprised I know who Tom Baker is? I've been a fan of his Dr. Who since the 70's." XD

Further evidence of his nerd-dom can be found in this picture he posted to Facebook a few months ago, edited by myself:

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