December 3, 2009

The City of Brotherly Love

[originally posted Sept. 21, 2009]

Philadelphia is like if Boston and Manhattan had some babies and it was the rebellious one.

They actually passed an ordinance at some point that a percentage of any new constructions cost's must go to public art, so there are murals all over the place and a lot of odd contemporary pieces scattered throughout the city.

We got vegetarian Philly cheese-steaks, saw LOVE park, went to the art museum (yeah yeah, the place where rocky ran up the steps, but you know the place is full of art, too!), saw the Star Trek exhibit a 3D movie and a planetarium show at the Ben Franklin Institute science museum, got grossed out at the Mutter Museum of medical oddities, took a duck tour, saw city hall (huge beautiful ornate sculptures and architecture), took a tour of Independence Hall where American independence began, did some ghost hunting while learning about the history inside the Penn State Penitentiary (as we were leaving we saw the van from the tv show Ghost Hunters showing up! Bastards!), went to a punk rock bar and got vegetarian BLTs, I could go on and on...

It was amazing. People there are so much nicer than in Boston or Manhattan, too. Maybe I was just in a really good mood but it seemed that way.

We barely slept and just ran around doing so many things that we completely exhausted ourselves to the point where we were both dragging ourselves down the street just to go do one last thing... We took over 900 pictures.

We got home to find that our friend who was house-sitting stole a bunch of video games and DVDs. Ends up he isn't prescribed to the pills he's been taking all the time and actually has a problem. What a great thing to come home to.

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