December 5, 2009

Santa, SNOW, and Chocolate

So after seeing the Santa spectacle last night I woke up this morning to see something interesting on the weather report:


Lol, whatever. Just one little flake? I can deal with that.

It drizzled rain all day as I worked on some stuff online at the museum. Some people signed up for a tour and we figured even though we don't usually do tours in December I would bring them out. And - as if on cue - it starts snowing right when the tour begins! I felt bad for the people but we had fun anyways!

Afterwards I wanted some hot chocolate so I went into Maria's Sweet Somethings[their website], a local chocolate shop and they had a chocolate fountain set up! I had only ever seen one on TV before so it was pretty amazing and I probably embarrassed myself a little with the amount I ate.

And some really good news!!! Sara is filing her immigration stuff on Wednesday and that means she can work in a month and will be a legal resident in 3-6 months! FINALLY!

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