December 3, 2009

Off-season Work

[originally posted Dec. 1, 2009]

Well last night was the last tour of the season. Now I have to concentrate on finding more part-time work.

Between doing online work for the company, my new job as a _kgb Special Agent, and (hopefully) seasonal work at a retail store at the mall I should be able to survive through the winter. I know it is usually the type of job a teenager would have, but I think working at the video game store would be awesome - especially considering my age and experience would set me apart from the other employees. I mean, how often is a well-adjusted and socially normal adult man also a video game nerd? ...And if they are it's usually video games about shooting people, whereas I like the ultra nerdy RPGs and Nintendo stuff. I would be the perfect person to help people pick out games for their kids or whatever. For real. Also I'd get discounts on games!!!!!!

Also, I keep forgetting to mention my new Youtube Channel. I want to make it all videos about different aspects of Salem. So far it's some clips of historic stuff in the cemeteries, halloween, and witchcraft. I want to start taping a lot of public events to put up there and also people talking about more history. It's a very promising project.

Although it's important to note that one of the most popular videos I've uploaded has *nothing* to do with Salem - it's Mollie's new akita puppy playing in her yard. LOL

Here's a video I made of Mollie talking about weird symbols on graves:

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