December 3, 2009

Reality TV Attacks Salem

[originally posted Sept. 11, 2009]

As being a tour guide is not a stable job through the winter I often check online job listings. On craigslist the other day was an ad looking for people to act as tourists for a reality tv show from Canada called "Chris and John to the Rescue!" It's a show on an LGBT Canadian television network called OUTtv. I responded and was told to meet them downtown, but they didn't mention what time.

I went downtown and asked around. Someone said there was a film crew down at Old Town Hall, but when I got there it was "What Not to Wear". What a weird coincidence. They had ambushed a local witch with the help of her significant other and friends and surprised her with a makeover and trip to NYC. She really doesn't need a makeover and the guy who I think was her husband said "she's going to kill me, they're going to turn her into a soccer mom!" lol

After watching them film for a while I went to check my email and the people from the other show had responded. We met them a little while later down at the visitor's center.

The episode of the show was about four contestants competing over who gets the title of "Halloween Superstar" by competing in different ways. We got to sit in the trolly while each of the contestants acted as tour guides. None of them were really good tour guides, but it was wicked funny. One contestant was a crossdesser wearing a little mermaid costume who identified as "Ariel's older, and much more attractive sister, Arrianna."

It was funny watching the camera guys trying to film and almost falling over as we were driving around.

We were also invited to a Halloween party this Saturday where they will crown the winner.

I posted a bunch of pictures and even some video on my Facebook if you want to check them out!

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